FoCo Roller Derby In The News – Help Us Find A New Home!

The FoCo Roller Derby has been practicing, bouting, and making friends at The Event Center since 2013. It’s been a home to us all – it’s a home that we’re losing in a few short weeks. We are on the hunt for a new facility with a concrete, wood or pavement floor that is 108 feet by 75 feet or larger. Any lead is a good lead – do you know of anywhere we can practice? Contact us!

We love Fort Collins and have had an amazing outpouring of community support – check out recent articles about us losing our space.

The Coloradoan – FoCo Roller Derby League Loses South Fort Collins Home

The league is nervous about losing The Events Center, “because we don’t want to lose our identity,” Bjick said.

FoCo Roller Derby is made up of more than 50 skaters and volunteers who keep the league going. “We have single moms, we have vet(erinary) students. … All different sexualities, colors and demographics,” Bjick said. “And we celebrate that. We want it to be as inclusive as possible, and you don’t get that in a lot of other recreation opportunities for women.” 

“We don’t want to lose the league and what it means to us,” she added. “There’s a lot of fear associated with, ‘Well, what happens if we can’t practice?'”

94.3 The X Front Range – Fort Collins Roller Derby League Losing Practice Facility

They are in need of a space in the Fort Collins area that has 108 by 75 feet of concrete, wood, or pavement – that’s it! If you know of a place equipped for roller derby, hockey, lacrosse, etc., please reach out to them at