Micro Bruisers

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Player Bio

Athletic Background

Casual runner, explorer of the outdoors

Roller Derby Background

I’ve been playing derby since 2013, mostly as a jammer

Derby Awards/Accolades

MVP jammer

What drew you to roller derby?

My college roommate got into it and it sounded so awesome I couldn’t resist.

Roller Derby Role Model

Loren Mutch – we are similar in stature and her jamming skills blow my mind every time

Describe the smell of your gear bag:


What is your favorite position?


What is your favorite microbrew?

Odell Drumroll


Cats, cats….oh and also cats


Loud music, loud motorcycles, loud noises in general

What music gets you pumped for a game?

The quiet kind 🙂


Running, playing with my cat, exploring Colorado with my boyfriend, and doing science!

Random Facts

Did I mention I like cats?

What would you like to share with someone who has never experienced roller derby or who is new to the sport?

It is literally the best ever.